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We believe that your investments work best when they reflect your vision for your life, not the agenda of a commissioned securities broker. As a fee-only Registered Investment Advisor, BFA Wealth Management operates with one priority – you.

Our process is intensely personalized, taking into account not only your current assets and income, but also factors such as your comfort level with risk, your timeframe for major milestones and purchases, and future cash flow requirements. This relentless focus on individualized service, coupled with our unique open architecture, allows us to tailor our choices to your whole life, not just your available balance or your current salary.

We also offer comprehensive financial planning, tax and estate planning, and retirement planning services - contact us to learn how we can help.

Diverse Investments, Educated Choices

We frequently find ourselves leading our clients away from complicated financial circumstances like concentrated holdings and illiquid positions. These scenarios are increasingly common in high-growth industries like technology, biotech, energy, defense, and healthcare, and are often a consequence of high-level compensation packages that augment base salaries with a stake in one’s employer.

Our process helps our clients maximize their wealth by navigating away from high-risk positions, and our recommendations are based on academic market analysis and long-range strategy. We work with you to set an asset allocation strategy aligned with a risk level you can accept, choose investments among many ETF and fund asset classes, and help to minimize tax and other liabilities along the way. The result is a distinctively singular portfolio – one that is truly yours.

Outstanding Access
& Education

When you become a BFA Wealth Management client, you gain access to a variety of tools designed to ensure your complete knowledge of, and comfort with, your investments. We formalize a personal Investment Policy Statement for you, provide you with extremely detailed reporting, and create a unique web portal exclusive to you. In your secure portal, available 24/7/365, you can monitor all of your investments – not just those you hold with BFA Wealth Management - including 401(k)s, college funds, and private equity. We update the data in your portal daily, so you always have the current information you need to understand your total financial ecosystem.

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