All-inclusive wealth management strategies for a life well-lived

More Than Just Investments

Having a great investment portfolio is just one part of your financial future. You need to know that you can enjoy your retirement, take care of your family, manage risk, engage in philanthropy responsibly, and arrange for your care in your golden years. That’s why BFA Wealth Management offers you a depth of financial planning services far beyond that of a traditional investment manager.

We take the time to know you on a personal level, and we use our market intelligence and financial acumen to offer you services and strategies including:

  • Retirement Planning
  • Tax Management
  • Gifting and Philanthropic Planning
  • Real Estate Advisory
  • Solutions for Entrepreneurial Family Relationships
  • Succession Planning
  • Trust and Legacy Planning
  • Wealth Preservation
  • Income Strategy
  • Portfolio Design
  • Asset Allocation
  • Multigenerational Strategy

Long-Term Strategies, Prosperous Futures

You have worked hard to get where you are, and you know the value of a plan designed to work long into the future. That’s why BFA Wealth Management creates strategies and makes financial recommendations based on scientific market research and thorough understanding of our clients’ unique goals and needs – not “hot tips” or market fads.

Our wealth management process is designed to help your money work as hard as you do for as long as you need it. We proactively evaluate both your position and the broader market to provide you sound strategies, objective advice, and risk-adjusted portfolios appropriate for your individual needs.

BFA Wealth Management works with a strong and diverse team of professional partners, but we understand that you may already have relationships in place with others, such as tax attorneys, CPAs, and estate attorneys. When we work with you, we can watch over these relationships to align all of your objectives – we don’t believe you should have to stop working with someone you have trusted for years in order to take advantage of our process.

Planning Is Just
The Beginning

Where will you be in twenty years? Life changes and situations evolve; your long-term financial plan only works for you if it can grow and change to suit your life. At BFA Wealth Management, we take a proactive approach to financial planning and wealth management, constantly reviewing your investments, market conditions, tax laws, and new opportunities.

When we have an opportunity to strengthen your strategy, we will reach out to you to discuss your options and help you understand how a change could work to your advantage. Whenever possible, we personally invest alongside our clients, using the same strategies and managers, on the same terms – because you deserve a fiduciary partner and a comprehensive financial plan that will grow with you, not one you will outgrow.

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