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Defined By Our Relationships

You have goals. Priorities. Dreams for your future. You need to be able to trust that you are getting honest insight from an advisor with no hidden agenda. You need to know that the financial advice you receive is designed for you and you alone. Most importantly, you need to be treated like family, not like a line on a spreadsheet.

You deserve a real relationship.

At BFA Wealth Management, every one of our clients can expect the personal experience, honesty, and trust that only grow from a true relationship. It is our mission to provide exceptionally personalized financial planning, and we can only deliver by maintaining a deep level of knowledge, respect, and care for our clients. We succeed only when you succeed. The value of our work is measured by the goals you achieve, the milestones you celebrate, and the quality of the life you live. No matter what your journey brings, we're in this together.

A Standard Of Accountability

BFA Wealth Management believes that the only way to deliver a relationship based on trust and honesty is to operate without any motivations that conflict with our clients’ interests. Unlike other firms, we do not offer proprietary funds or other financial products. We aren’t securities brokers. We cannot profit from the sale of any investment, and we cannot earn commissions. We have no affiliation with third-party brokers, and no outside firm has any ownership stake in our company. We accept no fees from outside investment firms and we accept no gifts from any vendors or service providers.

We don’t just “pledge” or “promise” our philosophy to you – we have built our business from the ground up around a framework that prohibits us from taking any action that is not in your best interest. We believe that our success, and yours, should be based on good advice and sound planning alone, and we are dedicated to proving our methods and ourselves to you every day.

Education Is The
New Transparency

Making a strong plan for your financial future is a complex process, and we know your life is complicated enough as it is. BFA Wealth Management simplifies and streamlines this process by taking the time to explain our work to you in relatable terms, by listening to you and building a plan that is uniquely suited to your life, and by involving you every step of the way. After all, transparency only lets you see in from the outside.  We know you deserve an open door, not a window.

We believe that transparency in our process, while a valuable talking point, is not enough for our valued clients. You deserve to know more than simply what we do for you. Driven by our belief in the value of trust, we strive to teach our clients everything possible about the advice we give. Of course, we provide you with comprehensive reporting, but we also believe that we haven’t done our job unless you understand and believe in the strategies we work with you to implement. Want to learn more? Let's talk.

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